2008 Classic
Trip Journal

Boys A Team Makes the Finals!

Congrats to all of the SNS teams today.



2008 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2008

Dana Cup Tournament





Just finished a fantastic day at Dana Cup and I will try and update you as best I can. Boys A played in the 1/4 final game vs Russia and it was evident from the beginning that the Russians were more interested in fighting than playing. We hammered them 4-0 and then the game was abandoned as they received 5 red cards.  Our boys were complete professionals conducting themselves properly and keeping their discipline and were rewarded accordingly. The Danish fans gave our boys an ovation as we walked by them after the game in appreciation of our football.  Great stuff from all. 


After lunch the girls had a friendly game and we split both teams together and they had a ball, partly because it rained like heck most of the afternoon but mostly because they just had fun playing the game. Game was tied 2-2 and then Charles told them we are in injury time and immediately 4-5 girls started faking injuries to make the game last longer.  We had all 12 players from each team take PK's to end the game and we had a blast. 


All while this was going on the boys were in a locker room staying dry and preparing to play in the 1/2 finals vs. Brazil and they were nervous.  Hundreds of fans lined the sidelines as we took the field and the Brazilians were great, superior in technique but we were extremely organized and created several good chances.  0-0 at the half and then the rains opened up again but we withstood the weather and the Brazilian attacks and finally with 10 minutes to go, Michael Ramirez served a great ball in the box and Trevor headed a quality goal to take the lead 1-0.  We held on and won the game 1-0 and recorded one of the biggest victories in SnS history, horns blaring and fans chanting USA as our boys walked off the field and wow did they feel good.  American teams do not beat many quality Brazilian teams but we looked great so now we are off to the finals tomorrow. 


Kids are fed and back at school resting and hopefully cleaning their rooms as the entire group is on a high from the victory.  Wait until you see some of the celebrations on the video, great stuff. 


Saturday is our last day in Denmark and big plans are in order including beach, shopping, boys final, and a dinner together in town dressed up in our best. Should be a great day. 


Wish us luck and will update you as soon as possible on the final.

More tomorrow,



POD - Boys A first game  vs. Russia - Trevor Harmon
goals scored by Emmet and 3 from Trevor


POD - Boys A 2nd game vs. Brazil - back four - Nick, AJ, Michael R, Zack

goal scored by Trevor



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