2008 Classic
Trip Journal

Training In Grunberg Begins!

Everyone was up early to start the Breakfast Club training session.



2008 Classic Trip Journal


06 July 2008

3pm Dallas Time


An exhausting day today on tour as we trained 4 times, that is right 4 times. First session was at 6 am and not a single player was late, so no situps, but we made that up quickly as the day progressed.


After breakfast, the boys and coaches played a semi pro team and although we lost 5-0, we were not overmatched and about 20 of the boys played in the game, best thing was that the nerves from playing in Europe are now gone and the girls witnessed this as well. 


Lunch, which by the way our food is tremendous, followed by a short trip to town. Grunberg is a small mideval town that was untouched by World War ll so it is still the same as it always was.  Had some great Italian ice cream, walked about town and then we returned for a team nap, an idea that I thought was great until we had several players sleep through their alarm clocks and thousands of sit ups were handed out, I do mean thousands as one pair of boys were 59 minutes late for training, that equals 5900 sit ups and they will do each and every one.


We are still doing sit ups for not knowing names but we are getting better.  We actually spent some time in the pool today as well and just stretched our legs and relaxed our muscles in the water, which was great. 


Dinner was great again and then we had one more evening session, combined team building and shadow soccer and it was the best we had so far. 


Kids are now watching a group movie, Goal, surprised?????  Early departure tomorrow morning and a 6:30 am breakfast as we have a 9 hour ride to Denmark. 


Phones are in my room until the bus ride but most of the kids do not have service and no internet connection for our Skype as we are in a small area adjacent to a small town.  They will text and call during the bus ride tomorrow. 


All kids are well, getting fit and stronger abs by the hour for some.  Weather has been great as well, about 70 at night and 75 during the day, sunny and calm, almost perfect for our training camp. 


The kids learned our Stars n Stripes song and will be singing it the rest of the tour. 


That is all for now except I just caught Bam Bam walking around with socks on, another 500 for her, it just keeps getting better and better, but these kids will learn, I promise you.


They made great strides today becoming a team and us coaches are excited about that. 


More tomorrow from Denmark, speak to you then.



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