2007 Classic
Trip Journal

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2007 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2007

Easy day here in Sweden as we only have  a few things planned.  We awoke to rain and chilly weather, I am talking jacket weather. Hard to swallow this weather in late July.  We let the kids sleep in today and then after a late breakfast we head to Heden for shopping and then we take the entire group on canal ride which lasts about 1 hour. It was very nice and the kids enjoyed it.  We learned a lot about the history of Gothenburg and its buildings and harbor.  Very interesting.


After the boat ride we all go to the finals at Ullevi Stadium.  The games were very boring but at least the kids got to witness what it is like to see a final in a great stadium.  Still misty and cold as the afternoon lingers on but back in the hotel we start packing and cleaning.  A feat that might take awhile for some. 


Dinner and then we are off to Liseberg Amusement Park and we allow the kids to finally have some ice cream.  We have banned snacks for the most part and had planned to allow them on occassion but we have had so many kids break this rule that we simply extended the ban.  It is amazing how much junk food American kids eat and adults for that matter.  With all of the travel and games and walking it is tough enough on the body not to mention the expense.  For the most part we all eat very well and the kids should be leaner when they return. Lets hope they continue with the nutrition side, but only time will tell as well as the assistance the parents back home will provide. That means what is in the fridge, ha. ha. 


We have a great time at Liseberg riding rides, playing games, and yes eating ice cream.  This is a great group of kids and everywhere we go we are commended on our conduct. We have our boys giving up their seats on the train to women and even girls and chivalry is not dead with Stars n Stripes. 


It will be tough when we finally say goodbye to each other as w e have grown quite close these last few weeks.  Off to bed so we can finish packing and cleaning on Sunday. 


Speak to you tomorrow.



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