2007 Classic
Trip Journal

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2007 Classic Trip Journal


20 July 2007


It is very tough to play on Friday in the Gothia Cup but this year we have 2 teams playing on Friday, Girls A and Girls C. 


Girls C are in the winners bracket and play at 8 am.  We play another American team from California and they are excellent.  We are overmatched and lose 2-0 but a great run for our girls. 


Girls A play next in the B bracket and play another Swedish team. A good start but 2 quick goals kept us on the defensive.  We lose 3-1, as Tiffany scores, so all SnS teams are officially finished with the Cup.


All in all a great week of soccer and all 4 of our teams have done their country and Stars n Stripes very well.  We met a German group on the train yesterday and set up a friendly with our 94 boys.  We play a fun game and tie 4-4 and the boys trade tshirts, etc.  Another great mix of sport and friendships. 


We finally allow the kids to do some shopping and give them some free time to unwind, etc.  They have deserved it although we still hand out sit ups for breaking the rules or trying to bend them.  No rest for the staff in this regard. A late dinner at 8 pm and then the kids begin to clean up and organize their rooms and gear.  Saturday brings us finals to watch and we are excited about that.  We might even squeeze in a boat ride if the weather holds.

Not a long update today, but will write more tomorrow.
Speak to you then.


POD - Girls C - Ellen
         Girls A - Tiffany
         Boys C - Eddie


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