2007 Classic
Trip Journal

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2007 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2007


A very long and exhausting day has finally come to an end and we still have 2 teams standing.


Lets start with the Boys A.  First game was a barn burner as we played a German team in the early morning which was very cold.  Referee was a major factor handing out 11 cards, 2 of them red to our opponents.  We played 2 men up for the last ten minutes but neither team could find the net so we are off to PKs. We have to sit two players since they have 9 so we take our first 5 vs. their first 5.

Germany - miss                         Dalton - goal
Germany - goal                         Beau - miss
Germany - goal                         Adrian - goal
Germany - goal                         Emmit - goal
Germany - goal                         Randall - goal

Germany - goal                         Andrew - goal
Germany - goal                         Clint - goal
Germany - goal                         Clex - goal
Germany - miss                         Ceasar - miss

Start over with any of the initial 9 players
Germany - goal                         Dalton - goal
Germany - miss                         Adrian - goal             


We win and the boys go crazy.  No time to celebrate for me as I grab a train and head to the Boys C game vs. Brazilian team on the gravel fields. Also, no goals so they head to PKs.  Go figure.

Eddie - goal                              Brazil - miss
Aram - goal                               Brazil - goal
Freedom - goal                          Brazil - goal
Agassi - goal                             Brazil - goal
Austin - miss                             Brazil - goal

James - miss                              Brazil - goal             


Brazil wins and ends the cup for the Boys C. They have learned a lot and for that the coaches are proud. 


Now we have to hurry to the Girls A game so I grab a taxi and as it turns out, I am not alone.  The girls and Tim get lost and also have to grab a taxi and arrive 2 minutes before the game. No matter as we hammer a Swedish team 5-0 with goals from Ashley-3, Miranda-1, and Amber-1. Girls play very well and smile the entire game. 


Girls C are next and beat a really good Swedish team 3-0 with 2 goals from Sarah and one from Lauren.  So 3 of our 4 teams advance to the next round which takes place later this evening. 


Boys A are first again and play a very good Swedish team. We go down 1-0 at the half and after an adjustment, we score 2 quick goals and go up 2-1. A quick counter attack ties the score and that is how it ended, 2-2.

Guess what, PKs. 

Sweden - goal                         Dalton - miss
Sweden - goal                         Andrew - miss
Sweden - miss                          Eddie - goal
Sweden - goal                          Emmet - goal
Sweden - goal                                              


We lose and are now out of the Gothia Cup. Hard to swallow for such a talented team but we are proud of our game and our play. The boys played very well and turned a lot of heads with our play. 


Girls C are next and they also play a Swedish team. They play very well and have the better of the game. A goal from Sarah gives us the lead but Sweden ties it late and you guessed it, more PKs.

Sweden - goal                          Ellen - miss
Sweden - miss                          Amanda - miss
Sweden - miss                          Melissa - goal
Sweden - miss                          Katie - miss
Sweden - miss                          Sarah - miss

Sweden - miss                          Sam Huston - miss
Sweden - miss                          Lauren - goal            


We win again and now advance to play Friday morning at 8 am. Girls are on a cloud and should be fun tomorrow.  


Girls A are next and once again they dominate another Swedish team and win 4-0.  3 goals from Rachael and one from Lindsay light up our opponents and the win secures the Girls A of playing in the quarter finals on Friday afternoon. 


With the late games, both girls team miss the chance of attending the UEFA Cup Qualifier, but both boys teams attend and watch a team from Iceland tie the local pro team, BK Hacken.  Tour is starting to wind down but still lots of activites and enjoyment left.  Wish our girls success tomorrow as we continue to learn from playing.


Speak to you tomorrow.


POD - Boys A - Game 1 - Clint
        Boys A - Game 2 - Randall
        Boys C - Aram
        Girls A - Game 1 - Ashley
        Girls A - Game 2 - Rachael
        Girls C - Game 1 - Sarah
        Girls C - Game 2 - Kat

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Boys A - Game 1

Boys A - Game 2

Boys C



Girls A - Game 1

Girls A - Game 2

Girls C - Game 1

Girls C - Game 2


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