2007 Classic
Trip Journal

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2007 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2007


Up and down day today as 3 of our 4 teams play a game to determine bracket placement.  Boys A have already won their bracket and have the opportunity to relax and lick their wounds.


Boys C start off the day with an 8am game, a bit chilly and windy and we play on a gravel field. Although they started slow on this new surface, we played great. We lost the game 1-0 to a Swedish team,  but we were very satisfied and happy with our play.  We dominated the game and should have won. The boys have come a long way and their organization and play have improved each day.  Happy to see. With the result, the Boys C finish 3rd in their group and advance to the consolation bracket. 


Girls A are next and they play at the Heden Complex on the showcase fields against a team from the Phillipines.  We need to win 4-0 to take 2nd in our group but we only get 3 goals, 1 from Miranda, 1 from Sarah Spurgin, and 1 from Rachael O'Brien.  We dominate the game and miss chance after chance so we too are 3rd in our group and advance to the consolation round. 


Girls C are last today and play once again at the Heden showcase fields against another Swedish team. We play very well with precise passing and dominate the Swedes. Only 3 goals are scored in a game that we could have won by 10. I wish our teams had more killer instinct to put teams away as we would learn more from an arrogant attitude towards scoring goals. Must be our nice side. Goals by Amanda and 2 from Gabby lead the way.


Kids are in trouble however, due to breaking some rules. We ground the Girls A and Boys A teams and confine rest of group to match analsyis, dinner, and then to the rooms.  Rules are rules and no flexibility when they are broken.  Regardless of the rule and the impact of each rule, we do not differentiate and kids will learn that, some the hard way.  Stars n Stripes receives many benefits from the past tours and conduct of our past players and for that reason we will always hold our kids to high standard of discipline and respect. 


On a good note, one of our Swedish staff coaches, Lennart, takes myself, Tim, and Charles to a professional pre season game about 45 minutes away. Manchester City from the EPL is in preseason in Sweden and played against a 2nd division Swedish team called ÖIS.  4-1 was the final with Man City winning and it was great.


Tomorrow night, schedule and discipline allowing, we are taking the kids to watch an UEFA qualifier at Ullevi stadium at 8 pm.  We may play between 4-8 games tomorrow as we are now in the knock out phase. Lose and you are out so stakes are high. Thursday will be our most competitive day on tour. Wish us luck.

Speak to you then.

E d

POD - Boys C - Agassi
        Girls A - Megan
        Girls C - Gabby

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