2007 Classic
Trip Journal

Gothia Cup Opening Ceremonies

Wow!! What a night for the SNS group. We get to walk into the stadium representing the USA. What an honor and experience that was! Eddie Puskarich carried the US Flag for the group and Gianna Puskarich on stage gives the Gothia Cup oath to the English speaking people in the audience of 60,000 people!!



2007 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2007


Wow, what a day.  Not sure how we can ever top this one. We might as well leave now and return home because anything less than a championship in this event will be a downer.  Beautiful sunny day, great games, and then of course the opening ceremonies. Wait until you see the video and the pics, you will not believe what our kids did tonight, not sure I do and I was there.  First to our games.

Boys A started us off with a 2-1 victory against a Swedish team, goals by Andrew and Clint paved the way. We played pretty well and should have scored more. 


Boys C was next and they had an average game and lost 2-0 to a team that they could have beaten. Once again, a few mistakes in the back hurt them. 


Girls A played a great game and beat a Swedish team 2-1 and this was not close as well as they played very well led by Lindsay with 2 goals. 


Girls C had the chance to play at the Heden Complex, which is the showcase fields and they beat another Swedish team 3-0 with goals by Lauren and 2 by Sarah. 


Boys A topped off the games with a hammering of another Swedish team 6-0. 3 goals by Emmet, 2 from Adrian, and 1 from Junior. 


Kids changed money, bought some groceries, did a little shopping, and some match analysis, and then after dinner we headed to the opening ceremonies at Ullevi Stadium, which holds about 60,000 and it was sold out.  We waited outside in our black sweat pants, SnS uniform tops, wearing our cowboy hats with American flags around the hats and waiving American flags in our hands. We looked sharp. Walking in 2 by 2, we were very professional and the kids feet never touched the ground.  A few songs and some presentations and then Gianna read the oath representing the English speaking people. A proud Dad moment.  Highlight was our fireworks show at the end, Wowwwwwwwwwwwww.  Kids began trading flags and hats with kids from all countries as 72 nations were represented and 1450 teams, another Wowwwwwwwww.

Just hard to explain the enormity of this event. A soccer heaven for kids and our kids represented our country very well.  We are all proud of them.  A late night meeting and then 11 pm curfew as we prepare for more games on Tuesday. 


This cup is fantastic and we now have about a 12 sets of parents present and I think they were all blown away from the ceremonies as well.  Kids are enjoying our nice hotel stay as they get to sleep on beds and eat some pretty good food once again. 


Now we have to go out and play more great soccer on Tuesday. Will speak to you then.


Boys A - Game 1 - Andrew
Boys A - Game 2 - Emmet
Boys C - Tripp
Girls A - Lindsay
Girls C - Sarah


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