2007 Classic
Trip Journal

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2007 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2007


Our long long day has finally ended and all of our kids are fast asleep, or on their way, as we all have real beds with private showers and a full belly.  The trip from Austria was extremely long, we knew when we planned the itinerary and the kids were definately troopers.


We did have one little scare.  In my 20 years of tours, never have we lost a kid or forgotten one anywhere. Well, that has now changed. One of the boys was in line paying for an item when the ferry docked and when he looked around the group was gone and as I asked for a count, we noticed we had one missing. Good thing we take counts everywhere we go.  The bus continued off the ferry while I went back on the ferry to look for our lost soul. Well I found him quite quickly and have to admit, he was not even worried or scared.  Any guesses on who this mystery boy is.  Enough with the delay, but wait, lets wait a little longer as I will inform you later on in this update. 


We saw so me great sights on our way from Austria and crossed both the East and North Seas, saw Hamlets Castle, once again had beautiful weather.  Arrived in Gothenburg tired but very excited, especially when the kids saw their rooms.  The toughest day for me on tour as check in with Gothia Cup can take its toll. I warned the kids and most kept their distance, but we did have some more sit ups. I will let the kids confess who stepped out of line.


Once again our conduct has left a great impression as the bus drivers were amazed at how we cleaned the bus and how the kids acted in a long drive. Way to go boys and girls. 


Tomorrow starts our Gothia Cup with games all day followed by the opening ceremonies. We hear that 72 nations and 1,450 teams are entered into the Gothia Cup, making it the biggest sporting event in the worlds history and we get to march in this great historic event. 


Some parents have arrived already and yes they are keeping their distance as we requested but always to support, etc. 


As we get set to play in the Gothia Cup we have to reflect on the Upper Austria Cup as we had a great week. We met so many great people and we now have invitations for Stars 'n Stripes to go to Romania, Czech, Saudia Arabia, and Albania.  I am looking at all very seriously.  Although at times a bit unorganized, overall we had a very successful Upper Austria Cup and yes I would return to this tournament in the future. 


Now we say, bring on Sweden.  Great weather again today and rain will be holding off for a few more days we are told so wish us luck in the tournament.  You can follow the game results on www.gothiacup.se and yes I will update again tomorrow night. 


Speak to all then.
POD's - None for July 15th


P.S. - Oh yes, the player that we almost lost on the ferry crossing the north sea, Cody Guerry. Sorry Tony and Kay, he did a few sit ups for that one, trust me.

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