2007 Classic
Trip Journal

Upper Austria Cup Standings

The Stars 'N Stripes teams ended with:

Girls A - First place

Girls C - Second place

Boys C - Third place

Boys A - Fourth place




2007 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2007

Upper Austria Cup

Upper Austria Cup Tournament


Boys C:
Stars n' Stripes vs Varna (BGR) - Bulgaria
Score: 2-0 Forfeit


Boys A:
Stars n' Stripes vs Septembri Sofia (BGR) - Bulgaria
Score: 5-6 OT - PKs


Nice and hot today. We found out after breakfast that the Boys C game is canceled. Bulgarian team left early so our Boys C team get 3rd Place.

Boys A game is next as they play the same Bulgarian team that we beat in group play. We spoil lots of scoring chances in the hot sun and the game goes into OT tied 0-0. No goals are scored and we head to PKs.



Dalton - Goal

Bulgaria - Goal

Beau - Goal

Bulgaria - Goal

Gonzo - Miss

Bulgaria - Goal

Emmet - Goal

Bulgaria - Goal

Randall - Goal

Bulgaria - Save by Ceasar

6th Round

Andrew - Goal

Bulgaria - Goal

7th Round

Ceasar - Miss

Bulgaria - Goal


Game Over. Boys A finish 4th place. We leave our school after lunch for the longest day on the tour. Kids are playing cards and hanging out. Really good group of kids. Just finished dinner at a German rest stop. Most kids eat pasta and schneitzel. Beautiful drive on the German Auto Bahn. Speak to your tomorrow.


POD - Boys A - Dalton




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Boys A




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