2007 Classic
Trip Journal

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2007 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2007

Upper Austria Cup

Upper Austria Cup Tournament


Boys C:
Stars n' Stripes vs Viorel Moldovan (ROM) - Romania
Score: 0-1


Boys A:
Stars n' Stripes vs Rostov FC (RUS) - Russia
Score: 0-2


Girls C:
Stars n' Stripes vs Bad Hall U. (AUT) - Austria
Score: 6-0


Girls A:
Stars n' Stripes vs Wels FC (AUT) - Austria
Score: 3-1


Semi final day for SnS and the Boys C started us off with a game vs. Romania.  First half was controlled by Romania but no score. 2nd half was a different story as we pounded the goal but just could not put our chances away.  2 minutes from time, a bad error led to an easy goal and we lost 1-0. Boys were dissappointed but that is soccer. They played well. 


After lunch, Boys A had next game and they played against a Russian team.  For whatever the reason, we were awful and lost 2-0.  Could not find a rythym or stay organized and did not deserve a result. I think the boys were looking ahead to a possible game vs a team from Egypt as they played before us. Very dissappointing for the boys as we really had a shot of winning this.


Girls C was next and  bounced back from a bad game to play very good. Won 6-0 vs. an Austrian team and controlled the game every step of the way. 


Girls A was our last game and they also controlled the game vs. a decent Austrian team as they won 3-1. Not as clean as it could be but are playing some great soccer. Kayla had her 16th birthday today and celebrated by scoring a great goal and the boys sang happy birthday as a celebration song for her goal.  Very nice.

More rain today but kind of fun.  The cheering for all games has reached an all time high, just have to wait for the video. Lets say that we are having a good time. 


Quick dinner and the kids all returned, to staff surprise, to watch a coaches game.  It was the kids time to coach and ridicule the staff and they did not dissapoint. It was tough though as all of the staff coaches played very well and dominated the game.


Cleaning the rooms and organizing gear is on agenda tonight. Tomorrow, the boys play a consolation match and the much anticipated girls final is tomorrow night. Should be fun.

Have a great day, speak to you tomorrow.
E d

POD - Boys C - James
        Boys A - Dalton
        Girls C - Devin
        Girls A - Kayla

Games - Boys - no goals scored
Girls C - 6-0,  Sarah 2, Lauren 1, Sam Hise 1, Melissa 1, Cheyenne 1
Girls A - 3-1,  Rachael 1, Kayla 1, Amber 1


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Boys C

Boys A

Girls C

Girls A


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