2007 Classic
Trip Journal

A Sweep for SNS teams!

Both games were won by SNS teams today!

Congrats to all players.



2007 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2007

Upper Austria Cup

Upper Austria Cup Tournament


Boys C:
Stars n' Stripes vs Montecchio ASD (ITA) - Italy
Score: 5- 1


Girls A:
Stars n' Stripes vs Alfursan (KSA) - Saudia Arabia
Score: 8-1


Sorry for the text update yesterday but not much access to computers here.  First day with transfer and check in is always the worst on tour but ours went flawless so it is only fitting that we have a nightmare today with organization. 


Rain came in the morning but stopped in time for the Boys C to play their first game. They played against an Italian team and won 5-1. It was 2-0 after Eddie and Clay scored 2 great goals and then we got cocky and gave up one goal and Bothe had to make a few big saves to keep it that way.  Our relentless attack finally came through and the final score was 5-1.  Boys C played great and the Boys A team were on hand to cheer.


We kept the girls home due to the weather so they could prepare for their game.  The Boys A game was canceled today due to the Algerian team arriving late. 


Busses to and from the fields were non existent and after the coaches raising hell we finally got to the games and returned home safely.  Complete lack of organization and not too happy about it.


Girls A had the next game and played a team from Saudi Arabia who were expecting the tournament to be a 9v9 event, so we obliged and hammered them 8-1.  Lindsay led the way with 4 goals in the first 15 minutes.  The girls played pretty well and were happy with the result. 


The altitude took a little toll on us but we managed to fight through it.  The tournament has a rule of only 5 subs in a game and once you are subbed you are out the rest of the match, so we have to sub at the right times, etc. 


The Girls C game was a forfeit as the Austrian team never showed up. Not sure why and once again not happy with it. 


Rain hammered us most of the day and night so we kept the kids home from the opening ceremonies as they would have marched through town in the cold and rain, not a good idea at this point of the tour.  They are having a ball and making a lot of friends from other countries.  The boys met a team from Serbia and bonded right away.  The American girls, as you can imagine, are very popular and our boys have taken on the role of body guards, even standing watch during showers, etc.  We have a close group and it pays dividends.


For the most part, no real issues except the busses and now I have just learned that the Algerian team has been denied their visas and will not arrive and the Boys C team has just added another team to its group, a team from Albania. 


We expected a litte lack of organization at the event, especially when you deal with a lot of teams from easter european countries.  From our perspective though, all is going very well. 


One team per room on mattresses and I had to call a quick room cleaning tonight as I want to keep a handle on these rooms early.  Cell phones were on tonight and most of the kids were either texting home or calling home.  Wish us luck tomorrow as all teams are scheduled to play and the Boys C have 2 games.

POD - Boys C - Eddie
      - Girls A - Tic Tac

Games - Boys C - won 5-1 - 3 goals by Eddie, 2 by Clay
         - Girls A - won 8-1 - 4 goals by Lindsay, 2 by Miranda, 1 Tic Tac, 1 Gianna

Pray for sunshine.


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Boys C

Girls A


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