2007 Classic
Trip Journal

Training In Italy Begins!

Everyone was up early to start the Breakfast Club training session.



2007 Classic Trip Journal


06 July 2007

5:30pm CST

Day started off at 6:30am with breakfast club. Kids and staff ran for about 30 minutes including through vineyards and up hills. Great sunrise. Then we did some stretching and strength, followed by breakfast. First session was a bus ride away and a great complex. Kids are working hard and we are in tour mode now.


After training, we swam in the pool, including everyone, then off to sightsee and shop in an area close to Lago Di Garda, which is the biggest lake in Italy. The Eiffel Tower could fit in the lake and the top would not be seen, that is how deep the lake is, and cold, very cold as it is formed by glacier. After shopping and lunch and some of the best ice cream in the world, and I mean the world, afternoon training and then back to hotel for dinner.


Dinner provided more memories as we had the kids name all kids on tour. The coaches each picked a player and Gonzo failed by 2 players names, Gianna got all players names as well as Cheyenne, but Tino missed 19 names so that means 19,000 sit ups, yes 19,000. Might have to make a deal with him on those. Then Tripp and Ceasar got cocky and said they could do it and both failed so 1,000 sit ups each for them. Add to that 1,000 for Clay for forgetting his fanny pack and I think we are up to date.


Dinner is unbelievable. We are always served a pasta dish, kind of like a pre dinner dish, followed by 6-7 courses and it is tough for the kids to finish. The Italians love to eat. After dinner, the kids were learning our Stars 'n Stripes song and then we heard a party by the pool....then the party really started. The kids danced for hours and had a ball, everyone was dancing, some not so good but that did not stop them. We have a great group. We extended curfew to 11:00pm and the kids enjoyed themselves. Tomorrow, more of the same.


Our hotel overlooks the Italian Alps and I have already used up an entire video disk so we are on our way.


A little upset at some of the parents who failed to follow my packing guidelines, including money. I requested denominations in Euros and Swedish Kroners and some kids have no Kroners and only a handful of Eruos. I have these guidelines in place for a reason and my 20 years of traveling experience should account for something. Oh well, Thanks, now we have to waste more time getting money exchanged or finding an ATM. Rules are in place for a reason.


Gotta go as we have another 6:30am breakfast club followed by 2 sessions. Should be another hot and enjoyable day. Phones are still off until tomorrow night.


Speak to you then.



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