2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2006


A great last final day here in Gothenburg. Sunny again, fitting we end our day in the sunshine. Watched finals today and packed up our bags. We actually had to wash some dishes as the boys left a mess in some of their rooms thinking they had maids to do their dishes. Wow, were they wrong.


After we packed the bus we headed to Liseberg amusement park and then the fun really began. Lots of games and rides, we had a ball, that is of course until coach Ed found kids in Burger King. For some reason they thought tour was over, go figure. Lessons are always learned on this tour.


Overnight bus ride to Stockholm and we arrive at 4:30, time for a 2 hour nap in the terminal and now we are waiting for our boarding for our flight to the States. We said our goodbyes to some of our players who have different itineraries as well as Lennart and Nora, our Swedish coach and hostess.


It was a great week in Sweden. Lots of talk about returning so we will have to wait and see. We are worn out and some of the kids are fighting back the annual tour crud. I hope we are healthy when we see you all at the airport.


One last final entry on the 23rd to end this saga and hope you all have enjoyed following our travels as much as we have had experiencing them.


Speak to you at the airport.




Tour awards have been awarded and will post them on the 23rd.






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