2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2006


Finally some time to relax, catch our breath, and lick our wounds. After breakfast, kids went to Heden Center to shop and exchange money. They then went to take a canal boat ride but just as they approached the dock the rain came down. First day of rain in Sweden all week. Only 2 kids braved the rain to go on the canal tour. I will let you all decide if it was your kid or not. Most of you already know the answer as you are already shaking your head. The rest of the kids went back to the Heden Center and watched some great games. Like I said earlier, nice and relaxed.


A few of us are fighting back some kind of bug but for the most part all are healthy. The kids were given a lot of freedom and everyone was at our meeting place on time without exception. A few more weeks and I will have all of them whipped into shape. I personally am getting better but confined to bed once again so I will not get the kids sick. I did sneak out to the Heden Center and watched some games as well.


After another great dinner, which has been the norm this tour, bowling is on our agenda. Speaking of meals, it was decided that only one meal, the horse liver in Denmark, was the only bad meal of our tour. Never had this quality of meals before. Kids even have waffles and eggs for breakfast. Some kids are washing clothes tonight, playing cards, and starting to pack up. Kind of strange to see if some kids are excited to leave and go home or wanting to stay on tour a little longer.


Girls have played 13 games, I think, so far. The boys have played 25 games so far. Not to mention the training sessions and the constant games of 3 touch while waiting for busses, trains, or planes. We have walked from Dallas to Houston and back it seems and have not used the elevators all week.


Strength and fitness are not a problem with our kids. Now lets see how they use what they have learned. We have our kids giving up their seats on the trains for little old Swedish ladies, walking at Ed-pace, ask them about that, no gaps, saying nice words in Swedish, etc.


I hope they are keeping nice journals as they have already forgotten most of the memories we have experienced. Yes we have had a few minor off field issues, what group of kids will not, but for the most part, a very successful tour.


We as a staff strive for perfection and ask that our kids do the same. Happy we can be, yes, but rarely satisfied. That is something that sets Stars N Stripes apart. Even in our hotel, we have another American group that embarass our American culture and our American kids. Our kids now see that and hopefully they will understand why we are so disciplined and so anal about our rules and guidelines. They are good kids but if we allow them to be buttheads, then they will become buttheads. Your kids have represented the USA and your families very well. You should all be proud of what they have accomplished and we have 2 nice surprises to show you when we arrive at the airport.


Well I was just ending this when 2 of my boys came up to me with the news that they have lost one of their room keys. A huge no no and completely unacceptable. They also went to the front desk and informed them. The front desk informed them that because of their honesty that they will not be charged for a lost key. You should see the smiles on their faces right now as I type this. These types of stories make me feel good and these 2 boys now have learned a valuable lesson. Great kids.


Well this is a long update but I have been sick lately and just giving you bits and pieces. The video will provide each of you a broader view of our tour and exactly what happens over here.


Today we are watching the finals, packing our bus, and then spend our last evening and dollars at the Liseberg amusement park, the biggest in Europe. See you all very soon.




P.S. Correction on the opponent the Boys 16 played on Wed evening, it was a team from Morocco.






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