2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


20 July 2006


Big day for SNS as we head into the 2nd round. Boys 15 play a huge game vs a local club Frolunda. Frolunda is a perennial Gothia Cup finalist and they have plenty of support including the referee. A questionable PK is called in the 2nd half after a 0-0 first half. Ross rose to the occassion with a fantastic save. Minutes later one of their players broke free on a free kick and poked in a shot from close range. But our boys did not quit and attacked with desire. We should have received our own penalty as Matt M was buried going up for a head ball. Nonetheless we lost a heartbreaker 1-0 but we played very well. B15 is now done.


No time to rest as we head to our B16 consolation game. We beat a dirty brazilian team, 3-2 after being up on them 3-0 on goals from Matt M, Kyle, and Josh. Their constant hacking and diving was ridiculous and culminated with one of their players sucker punching Matt M at the final whistle. Matt is okay and all of the boys learn some lessons on what to expect from opponents.


Girls play next and just cannot seem to score any goals, although they are creating chances. In my 18 years of coming to the Gothia Cup, we have ended our run the majority of times with penalty kicks, and this game was no exception. We lose on penalties 4-3 and the girls are out.


The Boys 16 game is on the next field so all we can do is watch from a distance. The girls now must hustle back to get dinner while the boys play yet another game. You can imagine that we have some tired and bruised players but we soldier on. We don´t have much left in our tank as we lose 3-0.


So now our Gothia Cup is officially over for all 3 teams. A very long day and as we arrive back to the hotel, the girls made us all sandwhiches so we can get some food. Great kids on this tour.


Actually, the rooms are small apartments with refridgerators and ovens, etc, and most of the kids have purchased food to make in our rooms. They have done quite well and for that our staff is very pleased. They have also learned how to use the public train system and are walking their butts off. Fitness and strength will not be a problem when we return.


Friday will be a day for shopping, boat rides, watching games, and just catching our breath. All in all a great tour so far and a good showing in the Cup. I am pretty happy.



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