2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2006


Sorry this is a little late but I have become ill and needed to get healthy. The 19th was another glorious sunny day with temps close to 90 degrees.


Boys 16 started us off with a dismal start to their game. Down 3-0 we fought back in the second half and closed the gap to 3-2 until they scored their final goal to make it 4-2. Goals by Alex and Matt S. We take 4th in our group and advanced to the consolation round.


The girls were up next as they were playing for the group title. Not a great game for our girls once again and they lost 1-0. They pounded the goal but were unable to score and the result means that we take 3rd and advance in the consolation round.


Boys 15 next and wow did they show up. 4 goals in 8 minutes as they won 4-0 and win their group and advance in the winners bracket. Goals by Josh and 3 by Adrian led the way.


Girls had time to visit the Heden Center and shop and clown around while the boys came back to hotel to rest.


Boys 16 had first game in consolation round and won 1-0 with a goal by Alex. Lennart took the team solo while I stayed behind in bed. They now advance to the next round on Thursday.


All 3 teams play on Thursday, B16 and G14 in consolation round and B15 in winners bracket. Kids are all to call home tonight or Thursday or email home. The phones in their rooms can receive calls and the best time to call them would be in our evening hours, 8-10 pm. Wish us luck for Thursday.




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