2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2006


Strange day in Sweden. Started off great on the soccer field, or at least we thought. Girls played first and then won 2-0 with goals by Melissa and Paige but they played tired against a Swedish team. Turns out they were up late in their rooms chit chatting and they played like it. Not a great showing.


Boys 16 was next and they played very well and very organized. Gave up a goal with 5 minutes to go versus a Swedish team and lost 1-0 but I was happy with their play.


Boys 15 wasted dozens of chancing as they won 4-0 but with goals counting in the cup, that may hurt us. Another Swedish team was our opponent but they were no match for us. 3 goals by Matt M. and another goal from Josh led the way.


Not happy at all with off the field conduct as apparently water balloons have surfaced here at our luxurious hotel nonetheless. Some other smaller issues as well but it has led to room confinement for the entire group for the rest of today.


I guess our theme of focus on football has not digested yet. We had a little chat about it tonight and we will see a change I am pretty sure. Big day tomorrow as our 2nd round placement is at stake. Hopefully I will have great news to report both on and off the field.




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