2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2006


Focus on football is our theme for this week. Hotel is spectacular but we made a few changes like elevators are not allowed for the week, etc.


Good first day. Boys 16 started us off with a 4-1 loss but score line does not reflect the score. Our Swedish opponent were extremely good and big, and playing up was tough with this one. Alex scored a quality goal to tie the game at 1-1 before a few unlucky bounces sealed our defeat.


Boys 15 up next and played an English team and this was a great game. Josh put us up early but we fell to 2-1 just after halftime. Relentless pressure resulted in Josh netting his second goal and we had chances to win it but a 2-2 tie is okay with this first game.


Girls game was next and their opponent was also extremely good. An early goal had us down but Hannah tied it up before halftime and we actually had the better play in the 2nd half.


All in all a very good first day. After another great dinner at our hotel, we headed out to the opening ceremonies. The World Cup is an event every soccer fan should attend, the Gothia Cup is an event every youth soccer player should play. What an event. 45,000 fans and 2 1-2 hours of entertainment. Truly amazing for youth soccer. Over 1600 teams and 68 countries this year. Our kids are in heaven.


11 pm curfew and then 3 more games tomorrow. Weather was great again, 80-85 degrees, sunny and no wind. Swedish people love having us here and we love being here. All are healthy and getting much needed rest on a real bed. Very few snacks and distractions as we focus on football. More tomorrow.




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