2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2006

Transfer day - usually the longest day on the tour as we have to transfer to our ferry and then transfer to Gothia Cup hotel and the physical demands can sometimes be very difficult.


Kids shocked us when they woke up and packed the bus on their own almost one hour before our scheduled time. Good sign. Great weather with lots of sunshine and the ferry was a blast. Shopping, slot machines, lunch, and just hanging out looking over the sea. Really beautiful sights. Got lucky with loading as well as we found a container that held our luggage so we did not have to drag it all over the ship. Saved us some serious headaches.


Transfer to new hotel in Gothia and at first look it is way too nice for my liking. Gorgeous and spacious rooms, right in central station, and great food as well. Kids are in heaven. Should be getting great sleep and enjoying private shower. 4 to a room so perfect situations.


Light training this evening at Heden Center, which is center of Gothia Cup. Just enough to break a sweat and prepare for games. Kids seem really relaxed and focused and they realize the magnitude of the Gothia Cup. Over 1600 teams and 68 countries. Should be a fun week.

Wish us luck tomorrow.









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