2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2006

Dana Cup Tournament


U14 Girls: Quarter-Finals
Stars n' Stripes vs FC Thor-1 on Field 16 (Abildgaard Skolen) @ 12:10

Score: 1-0


U14 Girls: Semi-Finals
Stars n' Stripes vs NSA on Field 3 @ 19:00

Score: 3-2


U16 Boys: 1/16 B Finals
Stars n' Stripes vs Rio-2 on Field 4 @ 09:50

Score: 2-1


U15 Boys: 1/8 A Finals
Stars n' Stripes vs Löv-Ham on Field 1 @ 11:10

Score: 1-2


U16 Boys: 1/8 B Finals
Stars n' Stripes vs Senat Novosibirsk on Field 9 @ 14:50

Score: 2-3


Playoff round starts today and the boys kick things off with back to back games. First game is in the consolation bracket for the B16s, 1/16 round, and we play in a fine mist. We played a Norwegian team and the wet field conditions and missed chances dragged the outcome until the end but we won 2-1 on goals by Adrian and Clay. Yes, Clay, our GK who was injured in Germany is back with us and got some field time as he was chomping at the bit to get in some games.


In the second round the game times are longer so the fitness side is really going to be a factor. We had 5 minutes to get our next game, B15 winners bracket game, 1/8 round, vs. a team from Norway. This was a great game and a hard fought game. It was extremly physical and the ref was crappy. We scored first on a goal by Josh in the 4th minute but gave up 2 as eventually lost the game 2-1. This was one of the best teams we have played in Denmark.


Girls game was next and they played a team from Iceland and an early goal from Lauren held up as they won 1-0. The girls next play in the 1/2 finals in the evening.


After a quick lunch the beat up boys team plays in the 1/8 finals of the B16 bracket against a Russian team. We are dead, exhausted, injured and we managed to field a team and fall behind by 2 goals in the first half. After a great halftime speech, although I think it was more fear than anything else, the boys dug down and came back to tie 2-2 only to give up a goal in the 3rd minute of inexplainable stoppage time. Boys cup is finished and they now concentrate on supporting the girls.


Semi finals on tap for our girls as they play at 7 pm in a beautiful setting with a cool breeze, no clouds, and crisp temperature of about 60 degrees. Perfect conditions for a game. We play an American team, go figure, and both teams have chances but after regulation and overtime, no goals are scored so we head to penalty kicks.


first shot - opponent - miss
- Paige miss
2nd shot - opponent - goal
- Katie - goal
3rd shot - opponent - goal
- Alison - miss
4th shot - opponent - miss
- Lauren - goal
5th shot - opponent - save by codie
- Devin - goal


Girls win and mayhem breaks out as the boys are cheering and jumping all around the girls. Great scene.


With the length of the game we miss dinner and our options are limited, so for the 2nd straight year, we allow our kids to have McDonalds for dinner. Once again when we make the announcement it was like Christmas morning. I will never understand how important a McDonalds sandwhich can be.


We are all gearing up for the finals tomorrow and tonight the kids are cleaning their rooms and preparing to wash clothes in the morning. I even gave them an 11 pm curfew. Wish us luck tomorrow, should be a ton of fun.




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