2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2006

Dana Cup Tournament


U14 Girls:
Stars n' Stripes vs Pershagens SK on Field 20, Stadium @ 11:30
Score: 2-0


U14 Girls:
Stars n' Stripes vs Vårgårda IK on Field 15, (Abildgaard Skolen) @ 18:40
Score: 3-0


U16 Boys:
Stars n' Stripes vs Spkl. Rival-2 on Field 3 @ 08:30
Score: 0-4


U16 Boys:
Stars n' Stripes vs Bergums IF on Field 2 @ 13:30
Score: 1-0


U15 Boys:
Stars n' Stripes vs Ålgård FK-1 on Field 19, at the Stadium @ 17:00
Score: 3-0


Long soccer today as all 3 teams finished up group play. I have received some questions regarding which boys are playing on which team so let me clarify. We have 20 boys who are all eligible to play on both the B15 and B16 teams and we have been rotating them every game. We are allowed to dress 16 players for each game so this allows me to rest some of the boys periodically. It has been working out great and although a few nagging small injuries, boys are adjusting and learning to play multiple positions.


Day started early today with 7 am breakfast followed by B16 game at 8.30. I think we were still sleeping or maybe it was the fact the boys were up late chit chatting in their rooms, regardless we were awful and lost 4-0 to a Norwegian team. Not much to report on that game.


Thankfully we had a chance to watch our girls play in the stadium as they beat a Swedish team 2-0 with goals from Katie and Cheyenne. They played really great and the field was massive.


Quick lunch and then boys B16 had second game and beat a very good team 1-0 on a goal from Aram. They played great against a really tough opponent from Sweden. This victory gave us 3rd place and we advance in the consolation round.


Quick nap in the room and boys B15 played their last game in group by beating team from Norway 3-0 with goals from Matthew M. and two from Aidan. Best opponent we have faced and we played very well. That win gave the B15 boys the group win and a good seed in next round.


Last game of the day saw our girls play another Swedish team and dominated as they won 3-0 with goals from Paige, Melissa, and Devin. The girls are starting to figure out how to get results from tournament play versus pretty soccer.


They are a fun bunch. Kids are walking their butts off and are stronger from it, I mean walking several miles a day, as many as 5-10 and sometimes at Ed-pace which is quite quick. Lots of sunshine today, about 65 degrees, and chicken, rice, and salad for dinner. What more can you ask for. Kids are trying to call home on some of the cell phones but some are not getting service so we will go to internet cafe tomorrow. Please understand that there are thousands of kids here and sometimes getting a free computer is tough. We will try and take into town to call or email there as well. All are well and loving getting mail from home.


A quick note to say that Matthew McLaughlin will start every game the rest of this tour as his mother included a personal bag of home made cookies for Coach Ed. Way to go Mrs. McLaughlin, someone is finally figuring out to suck up to me. Early curfews tonight with long days tomorrow as win and you go on and lose and you are out in the upcoming round. Wish us luck. More tomorrow




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