2006 Classic
Trip Journal

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2006 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2006

Dana Cup Tournament


U15 Boys:
Stars n' Stripes vs IK Salamis on Field 16 (Abildgaard Skolen) @ 12:40
Score: 10- 0


U14 Girls:
Stars n' Stripes vs Spkl. Hardhaus on Field 16 (Abildgaard Skolen) @ 18:40
Score: 0-0


U16 Boys:
Stars n' Stripes vs F.f.I.-2 on Field 3 @ 19:30
Score: 1-1


Rain rain go away. It is raining and pouring and the old man is snoring, we played 4 games and did not lose and now we wait for the morning. A lot of rain today as it rained consistently until about 5 pm. Boys played 3 games today. Started off with a bang as they won 10-0 against a Swedish team in the B15 bracket. A complete pasting with goals by Matthew M-2, Alex-3, Will-2, Brandon-1, Tanner-1, and Aidan-1. After lunch the B15 team played again and were a bit cocky as they tied a Norwegian team 0-0. They got a thorough tongue lashing with this performance.


Girls then played to a 0-0 draw vs. a Norwegian team but they played very well. Very pretty soccer but they have to learn to play effective soccer. Boys 16 then played best game on game on tour as they tied the host club F.F.I to a 1-1 draw. Josh scored the tying goal in the last minute. Pretty good day but a few minor injuries on the boys side and hopefully they will recover quickly as we have 3 more games tomorrow. Girls have 2 games tomorrow so they will need to muster some offense.


I was quick with my report yesterday and never really explained where we are. Fredickshaven is a very small town close to the Baltic and North Seas. Known around Europe for its shopping they really open their hearts annually for the Dana Cup 1. The Danish are a very friendly people who are very proud of their heritage and their football. The kids are having a ball, still learning their lessons as the boys are grounded one night this week for their lack of preparation for the last game. The lessons never stop. Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow as some important games are on hand. Will speak to you then.




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