2006 World Cup
Trip Journal

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2006 World Cup Trip Journal


21 June 2006

Last full day on tour and what a way to end. After breakfast we went to Grunberg for some shoppping and walking around town. A great little town with a ton of history. Kids played some soccer and then after lunch, which as great again, we headed to Frankfurt to watch Mexico-Portugal at the Main river, which has big screens in the middle of the river where fans can watch the game from both sides. Probably the best atmosphere since the US-Italy game. It was awesome and Dutch fans were everywhere as they prepared for their game later tonight.


After the game, we walked into downtown Frankfurt and did more shopping and saw some sights. Frankfurt is a great town. Kids all had a blast, not to mention the coaches. Rushed home for dinner and kids are now playing outside, soccer of course, at 10 pm at night. It is halftime of the Argentina-Holland game so I have to go quickly.


Early departure tomorrow and we get to see our family tomorrow night, we are all excited, tired, but excited nonetheless. This has been a great tour and we have had some experiences that will last a lifetime. One more entry after we return on thursday and thanks again for reading these journal entries.


Speak to you in person sometime tomorrow,









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