2006 World Cup
Trip Journal

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2006 World Cup Trip Journal


20 June 2006

More sunshine this morning as we pack up and say good bye to Soest, our stay in Germany so far. We transfer to Grunberg today, about 2 hours away and a great ride through the country. Kids slept most of the way, go figure. 2 to a room with private shower and the kids are in heaven. They will not take for granted what they have back home. A light training session, a great lunch, swimming in the indoor pool, and then we watch Germany-Ecuador game at 4.


Most of the kids leave at halftime to train on their own and a light rain just made it more enjoyable for them. Another session with Glen and myself, dinner, and then a shower and now we are fixing to watch England-Sweden at 9 and then off to bed. The sportshotel is off the path so the kids are not able to call home tonight. We will find an internet cafe in town tomorrow so all of you who are expecting call today, sorry about that. Doing some shopping in the morning so kids can buy stuff for families, and then off for our last day of World Cup. Kind of sad.


Speak to you all later.








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