2006 World Cup
Trip Journal

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2006 World Cup Trip Journal


19 June 2006

Not sure how we can keep up this pace but we had another great day today. Started off with nap after breakfast as kids were tired. We then walked into town for some shopping and then off to Dortmund for Togo-Switzerland game.


Myself, Kelli, Eddie, Matt, Alex, Bob, and Gary all got cheap tickets and enjoyed the inside of the stadium while Glen and the rest of the gang went to the fan zone and watched on the big screen. Both groups had a blast but there is not substitution for watching a game with the noise and environment that these world cup games provide.


Upon seeing the rest of our group, what a surprise as they were engaged in a game called 3 touch, our most common juggling game that has become quite an addiction. We do not go anywhere without a ball and often just start our 3 touch anywhere we can find a small space. Breaking a light today moved the group outside again and a little rain just added more flair to the competition.


Home for another great meal, I think I am gaining weight this trip, and now watching spain-tunisia before we go to bed. Actually the kids are outside now playing sand soccer and then will watch the end of the game.


Off to a new location tomorrow, Grunberg, and hopefully I will find internet access to send another update. Kids all miss you but some want to stay some more. You can guess who wants to stay more.

Speak to you later,








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