2006 World Cup
Trip Journal

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2006 World Cup Trip Journal


18 June 2006

Still on a high from yesterdays game and after breakfast we drove home to our sportscenter in Soest. We have some competition today as we play against a local German club. We hammered them in a 9 v 9 format so then we combined teams and had our kids play with the German kids, great fun and the kids did great. You can tell that they were trying things they witnessed in person at the USA-Italy game yesterday.


fter dinner we drove once again to Dortmund and watched France-South Korea on the big screen. Kids are a little tired and all are doing well. I made them all call home yesterday so everybody should be up to speed. another day of games set for tomorrow as we might try and get into Togo-Switzerland.


Tonight we are doing a room cleaning as a smell has crept upon some of the rooms, especially the younger boys room. Wish me luck.








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