2006 World Cup
Trip Journal

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2006 World Cup Trip Journal


16 June 2006

Another morning workout and then off to Gelsenkirchen to try and get tickets for Argentina vs. Serbia Montenegro. Although we tried for hours and the kids even wrote their own signs seeking tickets, we were not willing to pay out our noses to watch this game. 4 of our group managed to watch the game and had a blast. The rest of us went to the old stadium and watched it with 15,000-20,000 fans as we enjoyed a great atmosphere.


Do not worry, the 4 who watched the game were Bob and Gary and their 2 sons, so all were supervised. I know what some of you were thinking. Stopped at Dortmund to watch Holland vs. Ivory Coast and then back home for another great meal and now we are watching the Mexico vs. Angola game.


Tomorrow is our big day with a trip to US vs. Italy game, wish us luck as I think we might have tickets. Kids all say hello, they are purchasing team gear and joining in on all of the fun. see you later.








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