2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2005




July 22nd, easy day on tour today as the kids had a chance to sleep in until 9 am and they did enjoy it. Shopping and sightseeing was on the agenda and we took a canal boat ride tour through the canals and harbor of Gothenburg. It was really interesting and relaxing. After the boat ride the kids had a chance to shop and buy gifts, etc. And yes, the snack ban is still on so nothing more to report on that front.


After shopping more match analysis and then most of the kids returned to the hotel to rest and begin packing. Dinner at 7 tonight and lasagna was very good. Lots of playing cards tonight and just chilling and hanging out. Kids are still not ready to go home and still saying that they are not homesick, go figure. Hotel stay has been great but we need our clothes washed. They still have clean clothes but we are starting to hit rock bottom.


Tomorrow is our last full day in Europe and we will have another full day of events planned. More then.


P.S. Kids still doing lots of sittups as some of them have not learned all of the lessons from tour, like punctuality, crossing the street, etc. Video will show all.


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