2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2005


9am CST

This is just a quick summary of today's game scores in the Gothia Cup.


92 Girls - Won 5-0 over BK Vången

92 Girls - Lost 1-0 to NSA

July 21st - Early day as entire group is heading to 92 girls game in the rain and cold. 6.15 am breakfast and the girls are very focused. They play one of their best games on tour as they demolish a decent Swedish team 5-0. Complete soccer as their soccer, decision making, and communication was the best that I have ever seen. They have really come far on this tour. Goals by Alex, Katie, Heather, Emily, and JoJo sealed the victory but their play was the real winner. Heather Cook was a complete beast in her new position of defensive mid and was named Player of the Day. Nice to see the kids all together as they cheered their teammates on the entire game. Great fun.


Now back to hotel for group nap and rest as the 92s play at 2.35 in the afternoon. Sun is out again and I am ready for the same team to show up against an American team. One problem, the team never showed up and our play was very poor against an average team. Balls were bouncing off our shins and jumping over our boots as we just could not put anything together. We were easily 3-4 goals better than our opponent but a goal line melee allowed our opponents to poke in the winner with 2 minutes to go. I just think our girls are tired as it has been a long tour with many of them playing on two teams most of the tour.


More tears, only for awhile and then back home to have some fun and chill for awhile. Snack ban is still in effect but we did allow a few snacks at the game. The game I am referring to is a professional Swedish game between Malmo and BK Hacken, 2 of the top teams in the Swedish first division. we went as a group and the kids saw the host BK Hacken beat Malmo 1-0.


Now home for 10.45 curfew and one of the few chances to sleep in in the morning on Friday. A very good Gothia Cup with all 3 teams advancing in the winners bracket and all 3 teams beaten by teams that we could have easily advanced on. That is how the ball bounces and still a lot of soccer to watch over the final couple of days.


Speak to you tomorrow,




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92 Girls Game 1


92 Girls Game 2







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