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2005 Classic Trip Journal


20 July 2005


8am CST

This is just a quick summary of today's game scores in the Gothia Cup.


91 Boys - Tied 2-2 with IF Leikin 1

91 Boys - Tied 1-1 but Lost 5-3 in PK's

92 Girls - Won 6-0 over Tölö IF

92 Girls - Won 4-0 over Triangelns IK

The 92 Girls have advanced to the 1/4 Finals!
There next game is Thursday, at 14:35 Sweden time (7:35am Dallas time)

91 Girls - Won 6-0 over Hjärnarps GIF

91 Girls - Lost 1-0 to Ifö Bromölla IF

Here is July 20th - a day of emotions today and it started quite early. Boys had breakfast at 6.15 while the girls had theirs at 7.


Boys played a great Swedish team and before the game were told that the rain had forced us to play on a cinder field and the two teams were tied in points so if we tied, a penalty kick tiebreaker will have to decide the winner. Once again a slow start as we gave up a goal in 30 seconds. No worries as we fought back again as Alex Smith tied the score before halftime.


Second half found us behind once again and then Chris Davidson leveled the score with 10 minutes remaining. A very good game and our opponents were quite good. Now we head to penalty kicks.

Sweden first - Kristian saved

SNS - Eddie scored

Sweden scored

SNS - Trevor missed but no whistle so on 2nd chance he hit it over the bar

Sweden scored

SNS - Jonathon missed wide

Sweden missed wide

SNS - Nick scored

Kristian saved

SNS - Andrew scored


We win and advance as bracket winners.

In the meantime the 91 girls hammered their opponent 6-0 and began to really play well together. Goals by Taylor, Daniella, Paige, Lindsay, Alicia, and Rachel set the tone.


Immediately following the 91 game the 92s were not to be outdone as they won 6-0 and goals were scored by Paige, Alex (2), Katie, Becca, and Emily. A very good morning.


Now on to the playoff round. The 92s won their bracket and the 91 girls finished 2nd and both play that afternoon at different complexes.


91s played probably their best game in Europe with great passing combinations and creativity but were unlucky not to put any of their 20 shots on target. An unlucky goal ended their Gothia Cup and they were crushed. Mandy was very pleased with their performance and was extremely complimentary of their progress.


92s had a very difficult game and were scoreless with 10 minutes when they exploded with 4 goals. Kat kept them in the game in the first half until they woke up and goals by Alex, Paige, Tasha, and Katie led the way. So the 92s advance to Thursday morning.


The boys in the meantime received a phone call that detailed a miscount of goals and we now were placed in 2nd position instead of first which meant a tougher next round opponent. Oh well, we will play them all.


A danish team was our opponent and once again they were very good but this time we got the early lead and it proved to be a bad omen. We played very well once again but a bomb from 40 yards out from a throw in leveled the score with under 5 minutes to go so for the 2nd time today, penalty kicks.

Denmark first - score

SNS - Eddie scored

Denmark score

SNS - Dustin scored

Denmark score

SNS - Jonathan scored

Denmark score

SNS - Nick saved by GK

Denmark score and win the game

SNS - Andrew didn't get to shoot


Kristian had hands on two of their shots but was just a bit unlucky. Boys were crushed and tears were everywhere and I felt bad for them but they played their hearts out.

Dinner time and after some down time kids are all fine now. A bit worn out and some sniffles with the weather changes. Sunshine to rain, back to sunshine and then back to rain. We sweat and freeze within minutes sometimes. A 24 hour ban on junk food snacks is in place and room cleaning on agenda for tonight with early curfew as 92s play at 8 am on Thursday morning.


Wish us luck.

More tomorrow,



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