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2005 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2005


11:26am CST

This is just a quick summary of today's game scores in the Gothia Cup.


91 Boys - Won 3-1 over Löftadalens IF

There next game is Wednesday, at 08:00am Sweden time (1:00am Dallas time)


92 Girls - Won 1-0 over Lunds BK

There next game is Wednesday, at 11:10am Sweden time (4:30am Dallas time)


91 Girls - Lost 1-0 to Lindome GIF

There next game is Wednesday, at 09:20am Sweden time (2:20am Dallas time)


July 19th, rain, rain, and heavy rain today as we got soaked the entire day. This is why we take so many vitamins and vitamin C tablets.


Boys started off the day with washing their uniforms. Why not, it is raining, just our luck.


Girls 92s played first and won a very tough game 1-0, a great game that saw some very good soccer. Emily Brennan continued her scoring trend by getting the game winner and Kat Grotowski kept a clean sheet.


The 91 girls then suffered the Gothia cups 1st defeat for Stars ´N Stripes by dropping a sloppy muddy game 1-0 on an own goal, what else. They could not get it together in the wet conditions.


Boys had the late game today and once again fought back from being down 1-0 to win 3-1 with goals by Dustin Rinehart and 2 goals by Andrew Davidson.

Forgot to also tell you that Monday the boys took the public train system by themselves to their second game while I went to watch the girls play. They can now manage a big city rail system, and was great experience for them. Very proud of them.


During dinner the girls embarrassed Trevor Mcmillian by singing him happy birthday and the entire lunch room joined in. So we have had 2 birthdays on tour, Trevor and Brandon, and both times the kids were great.

Tonight it is room cleaning time again as the smell is hard to stomach. Fabreeze is the theme for tonight, lots of it.


We have breakfast at the hotel and lunch in town while we travel and dinner at a local school so the food once again has been great. Oh yes, and the kids still have snacks although I have had periods of no snacks after a certain time to keep their rest and nutrition up. This trip can be very grueling on the kids and so far they have handled it very well. Still have sittups here and there but for the most part they have been great. The girls traded with a Swedish boys team on the train yesterday and traded almost everything and they had a ball doing it.


Tomorrow is big day as all 3 teams have a chance to win their group which in itself is a difficult task.


More tomorrow,




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