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2005 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2005


2:51am CST

This is just a quick summary of today's game scores in the Gothia Cup.


91 Boys - Won 2-1 over Heby AIF

91 Boys - Won 3-2 over Brinkumer SV

There next game is Tuesday, at 16:20 Sweden time (9:20am Dallas time)


92 Girls - Won 5-0 over Strövelstorps GIF
There next game is Tuesday, at 09:30 Sweden time (2:30am Dallas time)


91 Girls - Won 1-0 over Knislinge IFK
There next game is Tuesday, at 12:20 Sweden time (5:20am Dallas time)


July 18th, first full day in Gothia and Wow what a day. Did not start off well as 5 boys showed very late for breakfast and one of the boys forgot his shoes for the game, so we played the entire first half and half of the second with 10 men as a reminder regarding discipline. By the way, we won 2-1 and the boys played great. Goals by Dustin Rinehart and Andrew Davidson countered their early goal.


In the meantime the 91 girls won 1-0 on a great goal by Lindsay Cox. Great cross and she simply headed the ball into the net.


The 92 girls hammered their Swedish opponent 5-0 with goals by Paige, Emily, JoJo, Brooke, and Tasha.


So as not to be outdone the boys played a 2nd game against a German team and with 11 players this time and won 3-2 after being down 1-0 and 2-1 during the game. 2 goals by Alex Smith and a goal of the tour candidate from Jonathon Smith sealed this back and forth game.


But it was only the first course as we had opening ceremonies tonight and absolutely fantastic show with 64 countries and 1650 teams involved. A show of songs, fireworks, flair, truly fantastic. Kids are in high heaven right now.


Girls also had to wash their uniforms and the boys will wash theirs on Tuesday. Weather was around 80 and sunny but rain in forecast for tomorrow. 4 games and 4 wins, Great Job.


Each team has one game on tuesday so wish us luck,




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