2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2005


4pm CST

July 17th, well we are here in Sweden, Gothenburg to be exact and the kids are loving this town already. After an early morning juggling session, we packed up the rooms and headed for the ferry. As we were preparing for the long haul of luggage and baggage to the top of the ferry, another horseshoe fell from the sky in the form of a trailer and the driver asked us if we wanted to load our luggage onto the trailer and then collect it after the trip. Are you kidding me? What else good can happen to us? This saved us a lot pain, literally as the climb up the stairs was easily 4-5 flights and then 4-5 more on the ferry itself.


The kids really enjoyed the ferry crossing, lots of pictures. They also played some slot machines, no worries as no big losers but a few kids did in fact win some money. Lunch on the ferry and then some shopping for some while others just relaxed and watched the beautiful scenery that was all around us.


Arrived into Gothenburg and checked into hotel, yes kids are in heaven and to my surprise what was waiting for us, more care packages with more candy and sugar snacks. Unbelievable that we keep sending this junk food to these kids who are being treated like professional athletes. Trust me when I say that next year we will change the process and the snack list.


Letters are still a welcome sight and I hope no more packages are arriving but you know there are, don´t you? Kids have tried to call home and most without any success but the internet cafe will open tomorrow so expect an email or two.

10 pm curfew tonight and games start tomorrow morning. Dinner was once again very good and healthy. Weather was about 75 and crisp with hot weather coming tomorrow.


Wish us luck as we start our cup in the morning.

No P.O.D. players for today.

More tomorrow,









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