2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2005

3:25pm CST


July 16th, day started off with individual specific training for the kids, meaning they had to work on a weakness or weaknesses they have had during tour. This was done on their own and it went very well.


After training, we had 2 games for match analysis, girls under 16 final and boys under 18 final. The boys final featured a team from Zambia, a team that the kids have gotten very close with and have come to admire their play. Analysis is proving to be very successful as the kids are learning how to recognize situations and adjustments. We are now hitting the mental and thinking side of soccer.


After lunch, shopping downtown, which turned into ice cream eating as most of our kids are not into shopping, which is just fine by me. After some afternoon down time, kids are all dressed up in ties for boys and skirts for girls and we head to jerry´s restaurant in downtown for dinner. All of the girls hair had to be down, no pony tails, and they all looked very sharp not to mention how good looking our boys were. We really had a great time together and took lots of pics to show on our return.


Kids are now packing up and cleaning up their rooms, no small task as tomorrow is another tough travel day. Still no problems and all passports are all accounted for again, isn´t fear great. Kids have had a tough time calling home and getting on the internet so hopefully we will have more luck in Gothenburg. We have a ferry crossing tomorrow so wish us luck and speak to you tomorrow.

No P.O.D.s for today.

Thanks to Frederickshaven, Denmark for a great week.









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