2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2005

3:56pm CST

Rain today but good timing as this was the first day on tour with no physical activity for the kids. They had match analysis and did quite well, although they had to fight the rain most of the day. We did cancel our shopping day this morning but otherwise no worries.


2 moms arrived last night and to my delight they brought more care packages and more junk snacks. We will have this discouraged next year as the kids are eating too much junk on a tour where we are treating them like professsionals. Lesson learned. Letters are still welcome but no more junk packages please.


All are well, no sickness still and really happy about that. Injuries are at a minimum with nothing major, seems like too good to be true. Curfew is in 2 minutes so have to be quick today. All I can say is wait for the video. I think most of the kids have called home or emailed in the past few days and still no homesickness. That also still surprises me.


Can not wait for the Gothia Cup and hotels and the schoolrooms are getting old on us, not to mention the smell. We had room cleaning last night and believe it or not, the boys room is much cleaner than our girls. What a shock.


Finals on the agenda tomorrow and training in the morning. Tomorrow night we will have our team night out and might even dress up. Wish me luck.

No P.O.D. for today.

See you tomorrow,










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