2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2005





This is just a quick summary of today's Dana Cup game scores. Ed's message is in the middle of the page.


91 Boys - Won 3-1 over FALU BS in the 1/16th Finals
91 Boys - Lost 4-0 to ÖRGRYTE IS in the 1/8th Finals

92 Girls - Lost 2-0 to ROMAN TULIS in the Semi-Finals

91 Girls - Lost 3-1 to LINDSDALS IF in the Quarter-Finals


For July 14th, day started off great with boys team beating another Swedish team 3-1 after being down 1-0 at halftime. They had a poor first half and then the girls showed up cheering with their horns and their voices and they really injected some life into the boys. Andrew Davidson scored twice and Jonathon Smith added a 3rd goal.


After a team nap, which was mandatory, all 3 teams had vital playoff games. The 91 girls played in the 1\4 game against a great club from Sweden. They played well but lost 3-1, pretty proud of their play. Emily Brennan added the lone tally for the 91s.


The 92 girls then played a very good team from Canada in the 1\2 finals and lost 2-0. Although dissappointed they played well and just were too tired from all of the games.


All while this was going on the boys got introduced to the physical style of play and got beat up 4-0 from one of my previous staff coaches from Sweden. They were a very gifted team and taught our boys a few lessons.


So just like that, our Dana Cup is over. Within 90 minutes we went from all 3 teams in the Cup to none. Wow what a headache. The kids are learning to keep the game on the field, a lesson that is difficult for some but a lesson that has to be learned.


They have their first day off tomorrow, at least physically, but shopping and match analysis is on our agenda. 10 pm curfew tonight as they have to clean their rooms and wash some clothes. You should see these rooms and I will make sure I tape them for you on the video. All is well here, more great weather and good food.

More tomorrow,




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