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2005 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2005


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This is just a quick summary of today's Dana Cup game scores. Ed's commentary is in the middle of the page.


91 Boys - Won 1-0 over BROKINDS IF

The 91 Boys have finished in second place in their bracket of four teams. They have advanced to Thursday's 1/16th Finals game against EURAN PALLO or HAUKETO IF-1 at 9:40am Denmark local time (2:40am Dallas time).


92 Girls - Won 4-0 over BK SPORT
92 Girls - Won 8-0 over NANSET IF

The 92 Girls have finished in second place in their bracket of four teams. They have advanced to Thursday's Semi- Finals game against ROMAN TULIS at 16:50 Denmark local time (9:50am Dallas time).


91 Girls - Tied 1-1 with FFI
91 Girls - Won 2-0 with SÖGNE FK


The 91 Girls have finished in second place in their bracket of four teams. They have advanced to Thursday's Quarter-Finals game against LINDSDALS IF at 15:30 Denmark local time (8:30am Dallas time).


Here we go, July 13th - great day today with 5 games on the docket and 4 wins and 1 tie. Even though it sounds successful, coaching staff is dissappointed with results in group play and placement.


Boys did in fact win their bracket and won a game 1-0 with a goal by Juan Gargiulo, but we did not play very well. Too cocky but good teams win ugly sometimes.


92 Girls won 4-0. Goals scored by Alex Von Springer (2), Tasha Helmick, and JoJo West. Second game they also won 8-0. Goals scored by Emily Brennan (2), Paige Robinowicz, Heather Cook, JoJo West, Alex Von Springer, and Daniella Velasco (2), as they romped by their opponents.


91 Girls tied 1-1 vs. the host club. The goal was scored by Taylor Gilliland, and they dominated play. They then won 2-0 with goals scored by Daniella Velasco and Taylor Gilliland, in a game where we needed 8 goals to finish in first place in the group. Goals were not going in so we settled for 2nd place in the group as did the 92 girls.


Tomorrow is playoff games with single elimination play and kids are jacked to play more important games. Great weather again today although we had to wear our sweats tonight and most of the afternoon. Rain is in forecast for Thursday so hold your breath.


The Cup has been great so far. Forgot to mention 2 details from our trip so far, first one is kind of cool as we traveled on the German Autobahn with no speed limits and cars buzzing by us. Kids enjoyed that. The next one is kind of tough for the mothers to stomach but we did a poll with the kids to see who was homesick and to our surprise, not one kid is homesick.


Reason why is simple, they are too busy to miss home. Sorry Moms!


I have had all of the remaining kids call home who have not done so and the internet cafe is now up and running. Please understand that the group is very close and watch each others games and our time to shop and surf the net is very limited. More time will be available later in the week for more personal time, but the food and the weather could not have been better, just wish we did not have so much junk food as I just cut off late night snacks.

More tomorrow, wish us luck with the playoff rounds.




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91 Girls Game 1


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