2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2005





This is just a quick summary of today's Dana Cup game scores. Ed's commentary is in the middle of this page.


91 Boys - Lost 1-0 to FLEKKERÖY IL
91 Boys - Won 4-0 over SKOGSTORPS GOIF-1

The 91 Boys are in first place in their bracket with the tie breaker of +3 Goal Differential. All 4 teams in their bracket are 1-1 (W/L) but the other three teams each have a -1 Goal Differential.


92 Girls - Lost 1-0 to BENSON SOCCER
The 92 Girls are in third place in their bracket of four teams.


91 Girls - Won 4-0 over LERKILS IF
The 91 Girls are in second place in their bracket of four teams.

July 12th, brilliant day for Stars N Stripes. Started off tired as boys were late for breakfast and not too happy about that. We played our first game vs. a team from Norway and dominated play but played as individuals and an early mistake cost us the game, even though we hit the crossbar 4 times. We could have played 2 more hours and not scored.


After a severe scolding, we regrouped, ate lunch, took a nap in the shade and played a fantastic game against the top team in our group and hammered them 4-0. Andrew Davidson scored 3 goals while Jonathon Smith added the 4th.


The girls rested most of the day, although they were great to give the boys a standing ovation in the lunch hall after their dismal first game performance. Great to have these girls on tour.

The girls first game was similar to the boys as they played an American team from Seattle and lost 1-0 and outplayed them as well. Immediately following their game we literally ran and played our second game against a Swedish team and they started the game with 7 players and scored a quick goal. After reinforements came on, we hammered this team 4-0. Tessa Kuhlengel scored a hat trick and Lindsay Cox added a 4th.


So the boys and girls mirror imaged each other today. With the last game ending after 8:30pm, we had an early dinner around 5pm so we as a coaching staff decided that since most of the kids packed way too much junk food snacks, which will be adjusted next year, a quick trip to McDonalds on the walk home was in order. You would have thought it was Xmas morning as they jumped and cheered for McDonalds.


The boys had purchased horns to make up for their dismal cheering and these horns were blaring all around us. Cheers of "Coach Ed is the best" can still be heard through the streets of Frederikshavn. Go figure! Off to bed now and what a great day.


We had temps as high as 95 degrees today and yet we had to wear jackets home tonight as it was around 55 degrees but everyone is healthy, mostly because of the Vitamin C that we take and I think they are too afraid to mention to me that they might be feeling under the weather as playing time is really important. More tomorrow as some big games on the agenda.


More tomorrow,




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