2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2005

3:15pm CST

July 10th, great weather today. 85 degrees and sunny, what a great day. no breakfast club today so kids can sleep in and they did as we all made breakfast at 9 am. combined morning session with all kids to discuss shape, connections, and pressure, went really well.


After lunch, girls had game and played great, crushing a local German team, 4-0. goals were scored by Emily Brennan, Katie Pence, Rachel Obrien, and Tasha Helmick. The girls played really well and just clicked with everything. we are ready for Dana Cup.


After early dinner, we went to a water park and the kids invited several of the players from yesterdays game and they had a ball. We were jumping off a high dive, water slides, and trampolines in the park. Now we are either on the internet or eating ice cream as Charles and I split the group into two.


9:30 pm and sun is still out and bright so we are all wound up. 7 am packing the bus tomorrow so a quick night ahead of us but most of the kids have also washed some of their essentials with Woolite, go figure.


Germany has been a great stop. The locals have been great to us. The internet proprietor barely charges the kids, gives them candy, and even offered us a ride home last night when it got late. Yesterday when we were looking for the cafe, a German gentleman actually walked us over a half mile to the cafe rather than giving us directions. Kids have enjoyed the stay as well and are sad to leave.


We had to say good bye to my good friend Bernd, who was our caretaker all week and been with me for 16 years. Long bus ride tomorrow so patience will be in high demand but a great team building experience.


Speak to you from Denmark.



After leaving the Internet Cafe, Ed, Charles and about 20 kids went and had an Ice Cream night out in down town Rheine until about 11:30pm. The propietor gave most of the ice cream for free because he enjoyed the American kids at his parlor. They walked back through the park at night and had a nice time.


Below is my (Tony) latest conversation with Cody:

  • Cody says that the team the boys played yesterday were "HUGE", but remember Cody is only 4' 11" and 91 pounds.

  • Cody called from the phones at the Internet Cafe. Maybe a VoIP phone. 14¢ a minute charge. We will see what the real charge is later.

  • The German Ice Cream is the "Bomb" (that is "Good" for those of you like me who didn't know what that was.)

  • He says the bus ride tomorrow to Denmark is practically all day with a lunch stop to get out and stretch their legs.

  • Dinner will be in Denmark.

  • Cody says that Trevor (his roommate) is cool.

  • Good food over there. Not everything is Liverwurst!

  • He still has some snacks left.

  • He was extrememly hungry in between meals since his body was used to eating at the those times.

  • Trevor did 6,000 situps the other day because he missed 6 kids names - 1,000 per missed name. Ouch!!

  • They got to sleep in till 9am today.

  • He has not washed anything yet. He says that he will do it the first day in Denmark.

  • They have not ridden any local transportation. They stick around the town.

  • Cody also hangs out with Andrew, Brandon, Tiffney and Daniella.

  • He got an autograph from a 13 year old girl that played against our 91 girls team. This girl has been asked to join the German National team in two years.

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