2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2005

3:15pm CST

Breakfast club this morning again with mist and fog setting over the fields, all 32 kids training, amazing stuff. they are really serious about their soccer.


Morning session was great today with kids focused on afternoons games. after lunch, which was great again, quick shopping and internet cafe stop in town. only about 90 minutes but enough time for the kids to unwind and experience some of Rheine, Germany.


Now for the games, girls played a nervous game against an older opponent and lost 4-3. could have won the game but the result was fair. scoring by Emily Brennan, Daniella Velasco, and Natasha Helmick. too many defensive mistakes but attacking was positive. lots of sore bodies.


Boys tied an older opponent as well 2-2 but dominated play and should have won 4-0. they played really well but once 2 defensive mistakes cost them the victory. both teams demonstrated some nervousness as most of them played their first game in Europe but the coaching staff is pleased, not satisfied, but pleased. Goals were scored by Andrew Davidson and Juan Gargiulo.


BBQ tonight with our hosts and it was really fun. during the boys game the girls cheered and sang our song constantly and really created a great environment. This continued throughout dinner as both groups of kids have relaxed. we have given them off in the morning and pushed breakfast back to 9 am so they can all rest and catch up on some sleep. who says that I don´t care?


Tomorrow will bring us more highlights as it our last day in Germany.

Kids can use phones today for 5 minute limit but no phone calls on Sunday. we will go to internet cafe again on Sunday as well.




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