2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2005

1:45pm CST

Another good day here in germany, breakfast club consisted 30 of the 32 kids at 6 pm, you can find out who was not there, juggling in the driving rain with charles and myself. after breakfast, 1st session of the day, also in rain, but good nonetheless. kids are relaxed and getting into a rythym. i like our teams, strong and full of personality. did i mention how funny they are?


Lunch, some relaxing time, although kids got into trouble for too loud in the halls, they will be punished in the afternoon session. 2nd session, once again in our blue tshirts so we can save our clothes, was great. boys worked on shadow soccer while the girls possessed the ball and worked on finishing. great intensity as all of the kids are ready for games. oh yea, our punishment for loudness, just some catch-ups, they will fill you in, but i guess no more problems with our hall etiquette.


Dinner was great, actually food has been superb but we still have some of our girls not diving in yet. they need to try different things. after dinner, kids learned our song and had to sing as a team, wait until you see the video. winners were 91 girls, then boys, and 92 girls third so they have to clean up the dishes for saturday. kids were off tonight as more rain and they were a bit tired so most of them are watching a dvd on my labtop and enjoying some down time. still learning names, as Trevor Mcmillian just started 6,000 situps, yes I said 6,000. Should have good abs soon.


Player Of the Day - similar to Tour de France leader of that stage, our best player for that day or session will wear a special shirt for the day and then player of the tour will keep the jersey.


Speak to you more on saturday, wish us luck in our games.




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Morning Session

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