2005 Classic
Trip Journal

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2005 Classic Trip Journal


06 July 2005

4:30pm CST

Well, it has been a very interesting first day on tour as I sit here in Newark waiting for our International connection to Frankfurt. I'm watching a couple of our kids do situps. In eighteen years we have only lost two passports, it has only taken 18 minutes to loose two on this first day of our trip (almost). If you could think of the first person on this tour that might have to do situps, who might that be? (drum roll please!) Answer is: Paige Robinowicz. I found her passport in my seat when I sat down on the airplane. (1000 situps) When we got off the airplane, I did a passport check and Emily Brennan produced her passport, showed it to me and then laid it down on the seat next to her. She then went off to the next terminal. So after a half hour of frightfulness and tears, it has resurfaced and we are now all ready to go again as a group onto Frankfurt and start our tour. The kids are excited, nervous and now that we had a passport chat, they are a bit tearful. This should be a very VERY interesting couple of days!












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