2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2004


Last email from Europe as we are in downtown Copenhagen having dinner before we head back to our rooms to pack.


Boys C had last game this morning, 8 am, and although we played better we lost to another Czech team, 3-0.  Not good results again these teams but great experience.   At least they played with their hearts today and for that I am proud.


Boys A played a semi final and won a tough game 2-0 despite some outrageous officiating which resulted in Matt Tutich getting a red card in the last minute, absolutely awful job of refereeing.   Final at 3 pm and field conditions are still soggy and sloppy, and this hurts our possession game.  No score after regulation and you guessed it, penalty kicks.   Brett Peddicord comes up with a big save on their 5th kicker but we lose in the 6th round so we finish 2nd without giving up a goal in the entire tournament.  Boys are down but proud nonetheless.  They played great this week and good football did not win this game but it will in the end.


As I said earlier, we are in Copenhagen clowning around for dinner before we head home.  It has been a great tour and time to get back to our families, although boys still insist they are not homesick.


Coach Chad played a joke on the Boys C today by telling them that breakfast had eggs, bacon, muffins, etc.  They were extremely disappointed when they found out it was the same old thing, corn flakes and bread.  Oh well we have to amuse ourselves as well.  Imagine spending an entire week in the same room with 12 boys, the conversations I can tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reminder of flights for Friday - Chicago group arrives Northwest/KLM #611 at 12:15 pm Dallas group of Stitts, Pickel, and Chad arrives Northwest #631 at 8:36 pm rest of Dallas group arrives with me Northwest #415 at 9:30 pm.   I will try to get the entire Dallas group on my flight and if I am successful will have Stitts and Pickel call their families from the airport. 


Boys are looking forward to a good hot meal, after all we are in a winter mode with the weather right now.


Will do final website update upon my return that will summarize the tour, awards, stats, etc. Thanks for reading these journals, they are fun to write. 

POD - Boys C - Andrew Davidson, Boys A - first game - Chris Mulee, second game - Greg Yao

See you at the far post,









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