2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2004


Cold, blistery, dreary, overcast, and rainy today, absolutely miserable.   Tough to get boys up in this weather but we have to play some more games.   Boys C had 2 games today, 11 am and 2 pm. began first game where they left off second game, awful.   You would think after miracle movie, they would be pumped but had no heart, they might be a bit worn out and I need to find a way to recharge their batteries.


We lost 3-0 to a team from Czech again, great playing different competition but frustrating to try to get their game back. 

Boys A had a friendly in a mud shocked field, they dominated but still could not score and tied 0-0.   Afternoon game for C's was great as they went up 3-0 and were hammering another Czech team, but as luck would have it, we panicked and ended up tying 3-3, so we only have one more game to play on Thursday morning. 


Nighttime we went to Bakkan, an amusement park and had some more fun.   Pizzas and junk food are on the agenda and I am now banning both of these for awhile as the boys are getting too much junk.


POD - Boys A - Blake Pickel, Boys C - first game - Nick Sperl, second game - Andrew Davidson


Wish us luck tomorrow,








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