2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2004


First day of playing in Denmark festival and a good day it was.  Boys A had 2 games, the first one in a hard rainstorm, but they won 4-0.  After lunch, another opponent but same score as we won again 4-0.


Boys C had a great first game beating a very good Danish team 1-0 but then stunk up the field losing to a very mediocre team 2-1.  You may seem some of them with half of their butt missing as it was chewed up after the afternoon game.


Sun came out in the afternoon and after dinner a lot of relaxing and some small soccer stuff like juggling and shooting.


Movie night in the Boys C room as we used my laptop to watch some DVD's and some of the Boys A came in to join us.  Our room at least smells pretty good while you can imagine what the smell is like in the Boys A room.


One minor point of information that some of you might like to hear, I took a poll of the Boys C team to see who was homesick and to my surprise, not a one confessed to being homesick although pets were listed as the one single thing that they missed the most.  A close second was food, not sure why as we have had some great meals. I am sure once they get back into their bed, they will appreciate being back home again.


POD - Boys A - game 1 - Matt Tutich, game 2 - Grant Woods
POD - Boys C - game 1 - Chris Allen, game 2 - Ryan Anderes


Wish us luck tomorrow.








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