2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2004


Welcome to Denmark, easy transfer today from Sweden to Denmark and we were sent off with rain showers. go figure.  We arrived in Denmark at 2 pm and checked into our schools, yes schools, we have 1 team per classroom with cots. Oh well, it is time for more team bonding.


Had a great training session with all 3 teams and then a 22 versus 22 game.  Lots of fun in the Danish sun. after dinner, we walked to the beach and spent about 3 hours swimming, singing songs around the bonfire, and playing red rover red rover, yes I am not exaggerating, red rover red rover.  Not sure when the last time I played that game.To cap it off we had the girls tour awards as they are leaving tomorrow morning.  Quite a sad time around the campfire. the following awards were handed out.


Player of Germany - Kristine Weaver
Player of Gothia Cup - Rebekah Ayers
Player of the Tour -Jjosyln Fuerman
John Koutoupis award - Melanie Wong


Great tour for the girls and the boys are already missing them as well as us coaches.  We also said goodbye to Justin and Steven Hogue as they left as well.  Games start tomorrow, so wish us luck. All players are great and all say hello.  Please meet the group at the airport with hugs and kisses and a good meal as the girls, Hogues, and Coach Dan will need one.


See you tomorrow.








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