2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2004


Finals today with 91 boys and I watching their age group final at 8:30 am.  Great game that went into PK's and a team from Tanzania won.  After game we went to Heden and trained on cinder fields, a few cuts but good to kick a ball around.  Girls and Boys A watch B16 B-final at Heden, then we all had team lunch.


Due to hotel mix up we have to share some rooms tonight so we are really close now.  After girls final and boys 16 final, kids are all dressed up in ties and nice outfits and we have dinner on the avenue.  Geat time.Now we are off to Liseberg, an amusement park and it was great.  Kids are packing as I type for departure for Denmark tomorrow.  Not quite as long but still tedious.Some of the girls realize that the tour is winding down for them and are sad, signs of a great tour.  Speak to you from Denmark next.


No pods today.










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