2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2004


Well before we go any farther, please note that the kids are not having much luck calling home.  Payphones are almost nonexistent since everyone has cell phones now and even some of the kids cell phones that we brought are not working.  We are trying but I will tell you that all are well.  No homesick kids, no injuries, no sicknesses, so moms just relax and enjoy these journal entries.


Now to the good stuff, what a schedule as 7 games might be played today.  Lets start with Boys A. B-final games today with 8 am the first.  We won 4-0 as they dominated a Swedish team from the opening whistle. Noon came our 2nd game and once again we won 4-0.  Boys are really clicking and looking great.


Girls played at 2 pm and won did they play.  They played a very good and strong Swedish team and won 2-0, best game in Europe and they really enjoyed themselves.  Ask them about the A train speech.


Boys C destroyed a French team 6-0, no surprise here as I never lose to French teams.


Back to Boys A and a 5 pm game, their 3rd of the day. after going up 1-0, a late goal at end of first half tied the score and although we dominated the 2nd half, penalty kicks came calling.  Well, as luck would have it, we lost 3-2 and boys are out of the cup.


Now back to Girls for 6:30 game against another American team from California.  A really good team and we lost 4-0, although the score does not reflect the closeness of the game.  We were beaten up physically and the girls are spent but I am happy as they played their best soccer when it counted.


Now back to Boys C for 6:45 game, lost 2-0 to another big physical Swedish team.  Feel really sorry for these boys as their dreams were crushed in one game.  Although they recover quickly, it was tough on them for a few minutes.  The jog from the bus stop to dinner was enough for them to get back to being 13 year olds again.


Kids are all in their rooms and dead to the world.  We went from looking at 3 teams advancing to playing on Friday to nothing.  Not sure who feels worse, the kids or me.  All in all, a great showing and the respect that Stars n Stripes continues to receive from beating some of the top teams around continues to grow.


Some wind down time tomorrow and then movie night.  The girls are the saddest of all as they know they leave for home on Monday, now they wish they could stay for the Danish festival, as do I.


POD - Boys A - first game - Kris Linney, second game - Zack James, third game - Matt Tutich

POD - Girls - first game - Rebekah Ayers, 2nd game - Rhea Bullock

POD - Boys C - first game - Stevie Hogue, 2nd game - Eddie Medrano


Bye for now,









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