2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2004


Another good day in Sweden as the teams continue to be successful on the field.


It was placement day today as team's placement for advancement were determined by their final game.  Boys A played another good Swedish team in their group of death and tied 0-0, great game and we really should have won.  Girls then won their game 3-0 but they still struggled to find their rhythm.  But the story of the day belonged to the Coys C as they upset the top club in Sweden, Hammerby, 1-0.  These boys have no idea that they are underdogs and their spunky attitude is really contagious around the entire group. a great goal by Andrew Davidson was the difference.


Weather continues to go from hot to cold and back again, thank god for our vitamin c tablets.  Our brackets have worked out great as none of our teams had to play in the afternoon.  Because of this new found time off, we gave the kids an afternoon of leisure.  Some shopped, some went to Heden, some just hung out, but all enjoyed some down time.


The girls really enjoyed being out of soccer mode for a few hours as they got their batteries recharged and promised me a great result on Thursday.  We will see.


POD - Boys A - Brett Peddicord, Boys C - Andrew Davidson, Girls - no one stepped up so we passed today.


Wish us luck tomorrow as we have a possibility of 7 games.










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