2004 Classic
Trip Journal

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2004 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2004

Before we can continue we must reflect on the week we had in Germany.


Fantastic training and kids are really prepared for Sweden, excited and nervous are they all but can not wait to get there.  We had 3 newspaper interviews in Germany, with front page photos to prove,  I will try and place these on the website later.  Also, we were met with a great of pro American sentiment as people constantly came up to us with chants of go America, etc.  The American media always posts only the negative stuff.  Believe me, the German people were very happy with our presence in Soest.


Bus ride was long, 5:30 wake up, 6 am departure, 6 hours bus ride then 2 hour ferry, 2 more hours in the bus, 1 hour ferry, and then 3 more hours bus ride.  We arrived at hotel at 7:30 pm, got a great hotel though, first time in 16 years and it is great.  Kids are doing great, wish us luck on Monday.


No POD today.








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